Monday, 17 September 2012

day 3- The End!

  A wet and claggy time on Mickies only allowed us to get 1 more round in one day 3 and so didn't give me thhe 17 rounds I think I needed to make up the ground on the winners.

  My 1 flight showed me just how fast the willow can go- after 5 legs of struggling the lift came though and in the space of 25yards she took off and my speed doubled!  Hold it together and finish the round fast.

  Huge credit has to go to Jack cubbit, who showed his willow'who was boss' the whipped it arounnd the course in 42 seconds and cement his top 20 place as well as close in on John Philips.

  Some more getting wet was followed by Dave Wright of T9 winning the Willow (I know) and an early finish after Martin Newman was declared the winner and Adam Richardson the best team willow pilot in 9th.

  Pictures when I down load them.  But after speaking with AJ over the weekend the Winter leaguer Champion of Champions race will be in Wales March 30/31st.

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