Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thats 2 models in commercial production!

  I received my production Merlin yesterday.  That’s 2 Willow Racing models that are being produced for our distributors and should be on a slope near you soon.  I can’t believe I’m building another model just before the Welsh Open again!
  Now I know you’re expecting me to say it’s stunning, going together really well and how pleased with it I am- you’re right!  Extra carbon in the fuselage boom a longer wing joiner (for both the Willow and Merlin now) and what I think is a really nice F3F lay up wing with Carbon only where you need it that’s improved the weight distribution in the wings.
  All these changes- as well as some other minor changes are really hard to take pictures of and show you.  Both the Willow and the Merlin are a result of many small improvements and developments adding up and I believe really delivering 2 excellent models.
  Producing 2 models is not a static process but I’m really proud with the results and What Willow Racing has achieved with our Chinese partner over the last 3 years.

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