Saturday, 14 September 2013

A test at Aggies

  An afternoon off and it was a chance to test fly the production Merlin on Aggies- as well as see the all round good bloke Roger with his Caldera.  It was a chance to show off the Merlin to other model pilots as well as to have a play before next week’s welsh open.

  Aggies is a well used slope by Paragliders and hand gliders.  When I got there today you just couldn’t move for hang gliders but there was a remarkable amount of co-operation and as hang glider pilots seem to spend even more time talking about flying than we do, my chance to launch soon came.

  One model worht a mention was a rather lovely looking Blanik.

  Wow she went well! Thanks to roger for these pics!

only a Merlin maiden can make you this happy!

The Merlin is my current new toy and I still feel like a kid at Christmas flying, driving home still punching the air after a days flying is cool!  It was great to see Roger again.  I might not have raced in 7 months but I can’t wait to see what the Merlin will do against the clock.

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