Monday, 23 September 2013

Winter Leagues

  The Welsh clag gave us plenty of time to catch up about winter leagues.  If my memory serves me the plan is:

First Saturday of the month- Northern Winter League HOH

Second Sunday of the month Southern Winter league travelling band waggon

Third Sunday of the month Welsh Winter league BWLCH

Midlands league TBC

More details will be posted on the web site along with details of the Champion of Champions race- I understand that they will be taking the race on and that the trophy we have will be used each year.  It's fantastic that this race will continue, good luck to those organising it.

  If you've ever thought about having a go at F3F/watching some blokes getting cold on a hill side whether you think your model is suitable (It probably will be) then the winter leagues are the ideal first introduction- get out and have a go!

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