Sunday, 22 September 2013

Home and drying

  After 3 days on Mickies only rewarded us with 3 rounds of racing that's the Welsh Open completed. Huge congratulations to Pete gunning on his own win. Also to frank on a very smoothly flown 16th with his Willow- really showing off the Willows best characteristics of simply carving the course smoothly and quickly.

  I have to put my hand up and say my merlin wasn't set up properly for racing but I just didn't fly her well enough. Still when the air came through for me in round 3 she was off like a scalded cat.  It's clear that the Merlin has the speed and it's jjust a case of practise and set up from my thumbs to allow the turns to let the Merlin show what it can do.  After flying the Willow almost exclusively for nearly 3 years it's a fun challenge to play with the Merlin.

  A good weekend and thanks to Kevin AJ and Martin for trying just about everything to get the race on.  Round 3 stretching out until 7pm on Friday was a nice ballance to my number 1 starting possition.

  Pictures to come later.

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