Thursday, 12 September 2013

GBSRA is Born

  British Slope racing has gained ‘specialist body’ status within the BMFA!  First of all a Huge thanks has to go to Martin Newnham and others for making this happen.  Slope racing has more of it’s fair share of people sitting on the coat tails of individuals like Martin, despite his strange Cockney ways the amount of effort that Martin has put into driving UK Slope racing forwards has to bee applauded.
  Cutting through the formalities of the BMFA/SFTC and other acronym laden committees what this means for the average racing in the UK (as I understand it) is that although you don’t have to be a member og GBSRA to race if you do choose to become a member you can have a direct say in what happens in the sport.
  I will be signing up as a member of the GBSRA.   If you’re interested in GB slope racing being run by slope racers then check out

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