Sunday 14 April 2024

Thermalling fun

 If last week's flying showed the speed of a ballasted Wyvern, this week the efficiency and handling was tested with a thermalling session.

 I love the versatility of these highly efficient models. Normally a 3m model can be great race models which can be sports flown. With the smaller span of the Wyvern its just that much more fun.

 The Wyvern certainly doesn't seem to have paid a performance penalty for delivering so much more fun. 

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Storm powered rush


  I’m sure that the summer was supposed to have started by now but with the wind speed picking up this weekend the Whitesheet club opened the slopes and I had the Wyvern and Saker packed in the back of the car before anyone else was up in the house.

  With the conditions varying from flight to flight as the squalls came in, it might not have been the most scientific test or practice with the 2 models but wow was it fun!  Both the Saker and Wyvern have a responsive roll rate that makes control in less than smooth air much easier.  There were time when both models really took off and seemed to have so much energy I felt that I could pull just about anything and pointing the nose up had the models racing for the heavens.

  Its days like this that really gets the blood pumping!

Friday 15 March 2024

First evening flying of the Spring

 I might not always be feeling like it but the longer nights gave me the chance to get the Wyverns to the slope for an evening's fun.  Fun really is the best way to describe the evening.  I've been steadily improving the model's set up so it carries the energy through  it's maneuvers better and better.

  I wouldn't say that I'm going to be starting to pump at the races this year but from the first flight I was giving it a go.  The Wyvern doesn't seem to need the same all up weight as the Saker to get it going around the corners.  When I have flown the Saker and Wyvern back to back they each deliver similar performances- but through a different route.

  The Wyvern model's agility delivers a rapid and accurate roll rate.

Looking forward to some more fun evenings with my new toys!


Friday 8 March 2024

Bump start the summer league

   In order kick start a pilot or 2's summer flying I've decided to make an offer on the New Wyvern design.  If a group of club mates want to make a combined order of 3-4 models ( I hope with the aim to race these models). I will have the models shipped to your door for £600 each.

Contact me for details if  your interested in getting your hands on my latest favorite model.

Monday 19 February 2024

Wyvern- my new winter project


  No racing at the weekend but a fun day on the slopes with some mates and as the clouds cleared in the afternoon, the opportunity to sports fly on some of my favorite hills.

  Whilst there was a chance of a race it was obvious that the I would be flying the Saker but when the race was called off I took the chance to fly the new model that I’ve been working for the past year and test flying over the winter- the 2.65m Wyvern.

    Producing a model design that works is a hugely rewarding process, seeing your design win rounds and competitions- as I have done with the Saker is an amazing feeling.  The Wyvern is not a model to replace my Sakers but something different.

  There have been some great smaller models which have had an influence on me over the past 20 years from the Needle, Wizard compact and the legendary Caldera.  Just like these models my own Falcon design has proved to be the model I enjoy flying more than any other.

  Flying just the Saker and Falcon designs over the past few years has really helped my flying and racing skills.  I have been relishing the development of this new design, aiming for that perfect balance of a model with the fun handling of my Falcon but delivering exceptional racing performance.

Monday 29 January 2024

All the right slopes but not necessarily in the right order

 The last couple of weeks have been a perfect example of sods law and the winter's racing so far.  Last week the race was supposed to be on the Wrecker and I enjoyed a fantastic day's flying at Whitesheet, this week's race was to be at Whitesheet and I had a fantastic time flying off the back of the Wrecker.

  We take part in an outdoor sport and just have to accept these things.  It did make me think of the fine margins that we judge our seasons on.

  Last week I was saying just how much fun I'd had over the last 2 years taking the Falcon out for my flying trips.  This week I again started with the Falcon, the speed and buoyancy of the air was very different to Whitesheet and the Falcon ripped up the edge to put a massive smile on my face.  The compression layer was simple to find and although the shifting wind meant that there wasn't always the air to drive the EM turns I was able to play with different turns.

  The Saker was the model that was the greatest revelation, the last few races on the back of the Wrecker have been light winds and I was convincing myself what a small model compression based slope it was.  To a large extent it's true but after a cart wheel landing (blame the turbulence) there was no model damage but I decided to throw the Saker off, wow!  The extra mass of the larger model just made the turns that much easier and she felt so fast. Why isn't it like this for me at the Welsh open!

  Choosing between the 2 models is impossible, both are fun, fast and feel so predictable to fly. 

Sunday 21 January 2024

Storm flying commitment

 In 2022 I committed myself to take on any and all weather conditions that slope dog would come out in.  While I've had to invest in some new warm clothes I've been rewarded withe some of the most exhilarating flying.

While today started with good air the wind built up steadily to full on storm force.  Whitesheet has a tendancy to blow out in these challenging conditions but that doesn't stop it from being great fun.

  Since 2022 its been the Falcon that has been my go to model.  This remains the model that I enjoy flying the most, balanced and buoyant I never worry about adding ballast but she can't half go!

I'm not sure if it was conditions or Whitesheet's unique approach to protest parking but the number of other pilots were the lowest for a while.  You don't know what you're missing!

  Let's hope for a great race next weekend!