Tuesday, 11 May 2021

A morning by the sea

   Weather and opportunity came together today and I was away to Beer Head cliff. This can be an amazing site, 400ft vertical cliff but a smooth air landing area with grass trimmed by the local sheep. 

  I've had a couple of light air outings with the Falcon lately but nothing to test the settings. I've become comfortable with a Cg of 95mm and around 5mm elevator.  I have 2 settings for snap flap 4mm and 2mm. Each one has the snap coming in much later in the stick, this provides some exponential in the elevator effect. 

   Flying the falcon is much more of an adrenaline buzz than the Harrier. With more snap the Falcon certainly bounces rather than carves the turns. I must be getting used to the settings because it feels equally fast with each setting- for sports flying without a clock. 

  Flying today the Falcon felt on rails, smooth air gave me the chance to fly to play with different turns. I had 900g ballast in again today. It's resistance to being up-set reminds me of the old wiz, but the Harrier just feels more slippery and responsive, a little like the first Freestyler I flew.

  I've long given up worrying about the Falcon or Harrier bending in the air, these are strong excellent models and giving me so much fun. Time to put number 2 together I'll publish some build notes as I go.  Safe to say model 2 slipped together with no sanding.

Monday, 26 April 2021

An Epic day on the crest

 When you approach the Bwlch there's always a nagging thought about the trip home.  You could be buzzing after an epic day or reflecting on the work you'll have to fix the bag of bits you have in the boot.

  After the conditions I have flown the Harrier in over the last 12 months I knew the model wasn't going to be the problem but there's always my thumbs to deal with.

  The Harrier was the first to go, once you get her away from the edge the lift was smooth and simply epic.  In these conditions it's easy to go fast, different turns and the distance from the compression just allows you to change from very fast to scary fast.

  It was soon the Falcon's turn, with just 2 flights in very light conditions it is testament that a good moldie just seems to be the best model for today's conditions in just about all conditions I want to fly in. I only ballasted here up to 3.2kg for the first flight, I think maidening your own design should be a 'golden maiden'?

  Thanks to the lads filming the flight to show just how turbulent the conditions were on the edge but she was away.  Despite my thumbs the Falcon handled the conditions wonderfully.  Covering the sky at a pace, I turned the rates down for this high speed flight but the Falcon was still very responsive.  I was pleased with the Falcon in light air but in this air she's amazing. 

  With later harrier flights I finally remembered the up turns I've been trying to learn and this picked the pace up again.  With some timing gear I am confident that mine would not have been the only PB to tumble.  One thing that was apparent with all the models there was just how little the models flex in flight.  My memories of the Bwlch and Crest are of flexing wing tips as the models corner (probably at much lighter weights than we flew) but this has gone.

  The Harrier and Falcon very much held their own in this group of models and I'm a happy flyer for it!

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Falcon on the crest

 What a day! I'm sure the forecast wasn't 17mps wind but after the harrier took its turn screaming around the crest with the other models I summoned up the courage to fly the falcon. 

Only half ballast and no ware near to set up but wow what an adrenalin rush!  Can't say much more!

Monday, 19 April 2021

Falcon Maidened- fantastically

   You always know when you’ve got a model to maiden, everything is built as fast as possible and then the wind stops.  The Falcon was looking at me from my work bench and so despite the wind dropping to next to nothing I found myself hurling the Falcon into the air.  A couple of adjustments and the cg was settled at 96mm.

  At 2.3kg the Falcon is a light model and she was flying on a breath of wind.  Just like my old favourite – the wizard compact, pulling too much elevator can scrub speed but she never felt close to letting go.  When the air did come through the Falcon picked up speed remarkably quickly.  I’d set her up with a reduced throw settings option, she was still very responsive.

  I’ll be waiting for the big wind days and ballast to really ring the Falcon out with a good lump of ballast.  But I’m so happy with the first day out!

Monday, 12 April 2021

Build progress

   Getting a new model always gets me keen to build, but when the model arrives on the same day as the keys to your new house, time is short.

  Having the wiring loom and King max servos ready to go has helped.  The crisp accurate molding really helps as the whole thing slots together.  I'll take some pictures of the wing build soon, it follows the same pattern as my other models

  The fuselage has come together really nicely, it is the slimmest fuselage Zhou and I have put together, it feels really nice and stiff.  

  The picture gives a good idea of the fuselage size, it's fitted with my trusty 19mm i/d ballast tube.  The King max servos have fitted in nicely into the servo tray.

  After another evening's decorating I'll get on with fixing the tray.

Friday, 9 April 2021

An exciting day!

 It's been a while in the coming but my prototype 100inch Falcon model has arrived. 

  If I can stop myself being too distracted I'll post some more as I go. But here are a couple of pics to show the model, joiner and comparison with the harrier wing. 

The finish and stiffness feel stunning to my first fondle

Monday, 5 April 2021

King Max Servos ready

 With a house moving coming up this week and the Falcon prototypes only held up by Easter it's time to get ready.

  Like the Harrier, the Falcon is designed to take the King Max servos and frames.  So time to get the servos in the frames and wiring loom finished.  I've been flying the Harrier prototype wing for over a year now with my first set of King max servos with no issues or slop.

  yes I'm excited and yes I really need to get out more.