Monday, 7 March 2016

Back to Racing

  It’s been a long while since I had a full day pass which was on the same day as a race.  Long enough to forget how cold Northerly winds can be in the Welsh Winter!

 The wind was only a breeze but on the icecream Slope this can be a good thing.  With the fun I’d been having with the Merlin lately I was tempted to race it but the Willow 2 has been such a performer I had to try it first.

  I was in some good company flying some very expensive models but all day the Willow 2 was ‘up there’.  A couple of mistakes on the downwind base were the only real sign of my lack of racing and the Willow 2 showed how much it likes to be brought around the turns with the snap flap working.

  It was strange to see Simon get such bad air that he was brought back to the status of Human (I am sure that sacrifices will be offered to the lift gods before the next race).  Weather it was PitBull, Fosa Willow or Freestyler, when the lift came on you went fast and if it wasn’t you didn’t.

  A good days racing! Pictures when I get a chance and more racing to come this year.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Spring time models

Thanks to everyone who contacted me.  The models are sold.  I am planning to bring some more of these models in soon.

I'll keep you up to date and any other news

Now I might even be able to get out racing at the weekend!