Monday, 24 March 2014

day 2

  Day 2 of the Champion of Champions race was another challenging one, the Ice cream slope was it’s usual variable self but full ballast seemed to be the order of the day again. My second best time of the day came from a flight with no climb out at all as the lift timed it’s entry to the slope with my own.  My own flying had too many wait for the buzzer moments to really maximise the air and climb the placings. 
Dave couldn't get help fly the Merlin- fast!

  Those EM pilots with a plan clearly out flew the rest of us to be honest.  Pilots who really knew where the course was regardless of the conditions and carried the energy through turn after turn could blast their way through the patches of weak lift and really milk the good air.  The Sultan of Smooth Simon Thornton was my pick of the day for doing this, he Fosa, Extreme, Freestyler,  Ceres White model with orange spots looked as if it was on rails- very fast rails!

  It was great to see Dave Wright of T9 making up the 4th pilot to fly a Willow model this weekend, after picking up his Merlin on Saturday he was racing it straight away and putting in some excellent runs,  I can’t think of many other model you could do that with.

  Abbo's Caldera consistently ripped up thhe edge all weekend- showiing it's aerobatic genes!
  There’s really no where to hide with a competition design to have the best pilots flying the fastest models for the most rounds possible.   My own lack of racing was exposed but you can’t argue that the top pilots were there this weekend.  Well done Martin for keeping the race going in the face of those throwing bricks and vowing never to come again (they did!).
  After 2 days of tough racing Mark Redsall came out a deserved winner- See you nnext year Mark!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

a PB finish to a wild day

Just a few words after a wild day on Mickies.  I'll work on some pictures later, dodging rain hale and snow with the 35mph wind doing some interesting things from flight to flight and leg to leg.  I think just about all pilots had the air either coming on or going off part way through a run.  Its a huge testiment to the quality of f3f in the UK now that in testing conditions sub 40's are no longer a guarrantee to the top 5 or 10. 

  After starting with a 40 I thought that I'd blown my chance but with the wind straightening up for my last run, my long course still delivered a 38 with the model well on step and screaming.  I wasn't the only pilot with a PB either.

  Scores to come elsewhere but in the 5 years of the Champion of Champions have seen a real developement in UK f3f.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Merlins at the Champion of Champions

  A couple of days to this years Champion of Champions race and there looks to be a good showing of Merlins- I always love to see that you can take on the big boys at the season ending final with a model costing a quarter of the price!

  I'll try to post some pictures of the race and get my excuses in early after Saturday's racing.

 The Spring bargins should be landing in the next few days with the best built, best values models yet (but you woudl expect me to say that).

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring cleaning bargins

I’m being sent some seconds models to help Spring clean our workshop and as always I'm keen to pass on some cheep models to you guys!  I’ll have 2 Willows coming
1, F3F lay up with the blue/white/blue tips £350

2, A carbon lay up White wing with the black/red/black tips. £375
  Both models just have paint blemishes on them from manufacture but are 100% perfect structurally.
I also have a Merlin coming
3,  It has a very small paint blemish, again it is 100% perfect structurally.  With the red and yellow tips.  £395

  All of these models fly fantastically well – you won’t be spotting the paint in the air!
Drop me a line

Monday, 10 March 2014

Electric ready!

The oven timer has gone ping and the Merlin is now available with an electric fuselage. Our test models with converted fuselages have performed amazingly well.  The Merlin wing has proved itself fantastic at carrying weight as a glider, as an electric soarer she's superb. 

  All the forgiving fliight characcturistics are there, as is the turn off speed, combined with the Merlin's excellent energy retention the electric Merlin is up there with the best in thhe new eF3B class.  As Usual its just costs less for thee same performance!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Home Baking Willow style

  The new Merlin electric mold will be ready to come out of the oven after baking at gas mark 3 for a good while.

  I thought that I'd show this, so that you knew there was some good progress going on.  With the Winter in China being a cold one we're making sure everything is well cooked but I can't wait!