Saturday, 31 March 2012

champion of champions day 1

A very quick note on day 1 of the race.  Some challennging conditions in a cold northerly wind that never really came on the slope.

FTD with paul Garnett 34.XX as he made the most of the best lift off the day.  Even this couldn't get Paul ahead of Simon Thornton- Who leads the race.

most other pilots had a mixed bag of times from the low 40's to mid 50's. 

It was good to see 4 willows racing and in the hands of Adam and John Philips they delivered some excellent times and dealt with the conditions really well- resulting in a number of 40's- I'll tell you about my horror run in round 8 later:-)

  2 willows in the top 7- a great day for team willow and the battle between Adam and John tomorrow on Levisham should be a cracking one!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Finding the Champion of Champions Race

  For those of you who have not been to the Hole of Horcum before (where have you been?) here’s is a link to directions and a site map
Meeting for the race will be at 8:30- for a 9:00 start (locals permitting) at the main car park. If you can’t see the car park when you are at the HoH, please re-consider flying fast glidersJ
The time for the ‘last round in progress’  will be announced at the start of the day (expect around 5pm).  There is a great deal of accommodation available near-by in Pickering and the surrounding area, including a camp site.
  For those coming from the south, the BP garage in Pickering is probably your last and best bet for slope-side snacks.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Getting ready for the champion of champions

  I though I'd best get some practise in for the champion of champions.  With the sun out and a spring breeze blowing up Beer head Cliff I really remembered why I do this sport, a stunning day.  After passing a foamie flyer failing to fly a few years in land, it did take a leap of faith to hurl my Willow towards the sea.  If there is any model I trust the Willow has to be it.  Are 2 Willows a small coppice?

  Its too far off to start looking at the weather forecast but the sun cream is now packed!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

5 more days to get your entries in

The SlopeRacer champion of Chammpions race is on March 31st and time is running out for confirming your entry.

 A willow up for grabs and the chance to tustle with cool hand Redsell on hhis home patch (or out side the pub on Saturday night)

More French Willow weilding here

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Willow impresses in France

Asking a pilot like Pierre Rondal to give your model a look over isn't something that you do lightly- he's worryingly honest!

  No need to worry, here's the first video in a stunning location, provinig the light air capabilities of the Willow.  Pierre's now waiting for the wind to blow and load her up with lead to really see how a Willow should be used (do they still play cricket in France?)

click here Here to watch