Friday, 18 October 2013

A frustrated Flyer gets relief

  It’s been a long few weeks since those 3 rounds at the Welsh Open and the need to ‘get back on the bike’ was turning into a just let me fly.  Kids/rain/Clubs seem to have bene conspiring lately- so it was time for a flyer from work and an afternoon playing to enjoy the Merlin.
  Light conditions like these might not get me all set for 30mph on the Wrecker but after a while I remembered to start playing with a few settings on the Merlin and feel how she responded.  Very clearly and obviously to relatively small changes is the quick answer.  The feedback from the Merlin is very clear and direct.
  I must have got over 2 hours of air time (the most since Lundy for me) and I hope this was enough time to balance the production Merlin for energy retention in the turn and feel.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Merlins land at T9

  I'm feeling so pleased that the Merlins have now landed at T9 and are looking as good as I hoped they would.
there's also new Willow stock.
  I get a really buz from seeing my models in the hands of other pilots and seeing them in the Winter leagues will be great!- I'd best put a few new build note togther!