Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just off the boat from Lundy

  Only 4 days on Lundy this year but that was enough to maiden the A1 Mini and get some reasonable air time setting up the Merlin.  I’ll ramble on about the 4 days later but..
  The willow was the most popular model- 7 models out of 12 flyers took a willow.  The A1 stayed up in almost nothing but felt solid and easy to fly.  The Merlin I loved!  It passed the ‘Willow Racing test’ of just been plane easy to fly so well that I was confident enough to pass the transmitter around to fly the one and only Willow currently made.  The look on my face after one flight on Lundy’s shear Southern edge told the story- and Scott coined the phrase ‘The Merlin is to F3F what cake is to a fat lads’ but that was after he'd hit himself with his combat wing!  (can’t think who he ment).
  To Linda and the Cubitts for organising the trip- thank you!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Willow Racing range!

  I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures this evening of all the models that are designed/produced by Willow Racing.  Yes I think it's safe to say that thanks to our partners we're now Willow Racing and producing 3 models!

  It's been a long time now since I decided to make my own model and really thought about what I wanted out of a model.  put very simply it's to use a model's high performance to generate fun- and I'm happy to say that all 3 of the models deliver fun- and lots of it.

  The A1 mini
  Before commpleting the model I put the model on the scales as it arrives- with 3 servos fitted and the airframe came out at just 400grams!  The A1 mini took less than an hour to get ready to fly- most of that was shortening some servo extensions for the wing servos.  Simply put the battery pack and reciever in the nose connect up the servos- each of which were centered and then setup the radio.  Not too shabbie at all.

  There's clearly room in the fuselage for ballast but I'm tempted to keep the model as a summer evening machine that will fit on your parcel shelf!

  Give T9 a call to find out when there lovelies are available!

Another new model!

  Look what arrived at work today!  The first A1-mini out of the mold has landed on my desk.  A couple of really poor shots from my phone before the boss saw but my first impressions are-

 a crisply molded model,

very light weight

Servo insallation is very neat and the model could be flying after 1 night's reciever and battery fitting.

there looks to be room for a fuz mounted ballast tube if the mood takes you

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Merlin flys- a few immediate thoughts

  After goingn together really well tonight gave me a chance to see how my second model went on a dry sunny evening with a light breaze on the slope.  A first flight is always a nervous throw- but the Merlin's new tail help it fly straight from the hand and I was soon beating the hill to try turns and get the ballance of controls right.

  Standing on a hill on your own smiling like a Cheshire cat might get you some stange looks from dog walkers but sometimes it jut can't be beaten!  It could be the new fuselage, new tail or the Merlin's gigaflaps but as a package it all feels to be ballance together.

Friday, 5 July 2013

The Merlin!

  Willow F3F is changing from a single model to now producing a range of models.  It’s been a good while coming but the first full prototype Merlin has arrived.  I’ve been testing the wing through the spring and early summer and you won’t be surprised to hear I like it.

  The full prototype model has arrived and given me the chance to see it fully assembled.  A few details are that it’s a 2.75m wing sporting a proprietary Dirk Pflug IM wing section.   The fuselage has a canopy opening and supports a 2 piece tail at the back.
  The quality even with the prototype is excellent, I’ll post some more pictures on the assembly and then my wait for good conditions to fly her.  A very exciting week for me!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Something new

  Sometimes it’s good to remember why we do this and feel like a kid at Christmas.  Right now it feels like those first 2 weeks in December when know Santa is coming but he’s just not here yet.  I’ve been sent a couple of pictures to show the amazing job that’s been done making the air one mini model.

  1.5m of sleek fibreglass will be controlled by 3 servos and these are being fitted right now to make sure it all works.  You can see from the picture that the model will be a 2 piece wing and 2 piece all moving tail- nice strong boom too!
  It’s still early days in development-   The model is being Euro built to a very high standard and quality and that takes a little time but any developments and I’ll let you know!

Monday, 1 July 2013

The Willow makes it into Aufwind!

  I recieved my copy of Modelling's equivelent to soft porn at the weekend- Aufwind- there are words but I just look at the pictures. 

  As a glider magazine I don't think that there is a match for it anywhere in the world.  Seeing the Willow get the thumbs up in this magazine was great and starts to make up for not being able to add tothe Willows flying the the eurotour in Yorkshire.

  Although life may have got in the way of a lot of races this year for me I have been busy and I hope that there'll be some pictures to post soon of Willow Racing's (that's me) new model.  These things always take 5 times longer than you hope but at least some other guys can have fun!