Friday, 19 February 2016

2 spring time models for sale

I'm clearing out the garage for spring time and I have 2 models to clear out.  Both are brand new un built and in the red/white/blue colour scheme.

They're priced at £350 each.

a Merlin f3f

and a

Merlow  Merlin fuselage and tail fitted with a willow 1 tail.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

a beautiful days flying and learning

It does seem a very long time since I got out flying at all . Even longer since we had such a clear winters day for it. The story o t day was going from one doh and learning To the next but totally loving the day

When your packing the car and you think 'I didn't know I had 2 spare wing joiners' you havent- a when you arrive at th slope this will mean you won't be flying the willow 2.

 Having the merlin to fly and carve around was an absolute bonus. I remember Martin telling me how good and easy it was to EM turn, I think I might actually have managed it. This had me adding far more ballast for the conditions compared to normal.

 Only frozen figures stopped me as old father foam arrived.

So no practise but mark treble is more than carrying the wil flag in the winter leagues. I just get to have fun!