Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Having a Blast

  No Woollybacks this year but getting my Merlin finished has given me the chance to get the ballast in and have a real blast off the south coast.  I know the Merlin design so well now that a first flight doesn’t seem like a maiden anymore- but that doesn't stop it bringing a smile to my face as the cobwebs and turkey get blown away.
  For having a blast throwing the model about without fear of it biting your just have to go a very long way to beat the Merlin.  It was only the fading light and lowering clouds that sent me back home.

  It’s days out in that air that really spurs you on with the 2016 projects!

Monday, 14 December 2015

Storm Flying

  A break in the weather and I didn’t have to be asked twice if I wanted to get out for a morning’s flying.  So as the cloud base lifted I was heading out to find a suitably big cliff to match the weekend’s winds.

  Any thoughts of F3F practise soon went out of the window.  A heavily ballasted Willow 2 in these conditions is just too much fun! Huge vertical pumps were possible and the clouds touched a good few times.  The waves bellow the cliffs were looking very angry in these big conditions but they were long long way down!

  I always have in mind that these conditions I’d be flying my Merlin- in the past It’s had me grinning for hours in big air like that.  It’s testament to the easy handling of the Willow 2 that I ended up flying my newly finished race model.  You just have to be happy some days!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Wavey Willow?

Not a new version but I got my lovely new box of models for Christmas.  I'll be boxing up this week and the model look a step again.

  One set of wings for me that I'm really looking forward to testing and playing with are a set of Willow wings with a new waves spar.  Probably the biggest wing I know of to try this spar.  It certainly passes the hand twist and attempted bend across the chest.- Time to get them on a fuselage and flying in the wild winter winds. 

 Sometime you really remember why you build and fly models!