Monday, 27 June 2011

Nationals weekend

A great weekend, I got to learn a lot about the Willow- she can really take ballast so well.  It was clear even with my thumbs that the Willow is a competitive model- my thumbs just can't keep up with the likes of Dakin, knewt and Joel.

  It was great to see Adam put his through its paces and learn not to skimp too much on elevator servos!

  you just can't argue will the willow grin tho can you!

more racing pics

Saturday, 25 June 2011

How its done properly

No racing on day 1 of the nats (please tell the missus) but it did give me a chance to see adam thrash his willow on the cliffs of southern downs.

Safe to say he self launched and the willow was soon doing its stuff. but might be a little biased!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

By George I think we've cracked it!

Far too little sleep lately to be able to take pictures (yet) but I received a box of carbon skinned Willows this week.  One blue design and 2 of the reds.

A few more wrinkles taken out and an improved resin gone in all adds up to the biggest step up in production since we started- and that’s saying a lot!  These should be the last batch of ‘Beta’ models if your interested in a bargin Willow then get in touch

  I’m really excited about these models, although I won’t be able to get one together before the Nationals this weekend I’ll try to find room to put one in the car to show it the hill.

Friday, 17 June 2011


  I shouldn’t be telling you this (This is the Willow site after all).  After a very welcome mail from the amazing JK a few weeks ago I’ve managed to sneak my new Artist 3 into the workshop.  Pics to follow when ‘She’ goes shopping for a new broomstick but after a good look at the Artist it’s stunning!
  Wing panels- light stiff and completely ready to just add a wiring loom and glue in your servos.  The surface finish is completely top draw and the deepest purple.
  Fuz- keeps the strips of ballast approach and the unique tail pins, secured from the side of the fuselage -you can look at the T9 ‘unique’ Martinet system for a pic J
  All the accessories are there so with my some Sanwa servos left i’ll be cracking on next to my carbon Willow (did I mention they’ll be landing next week).

Thursday, 9 June 2011

fame at last!

The willow made it to the RCM&E this month.  With 3 carbon Willow's heading over right now- feels good today!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Doing it right!

Before anyone gets to see my kit out of the original Willow, here's how Adam Richardson has built his own.

Come on, it looks good doesn't it!

  Withh three carbon versions being shipped in the next week the Willow is heading in the right direction to be available.