Friday, 29 April 2016

Willow SOR -be the First!

I have 2 spare Willow SOR models in my first batch of models.  I'd like to hear from other pilots about the model as well as my own thoughts- I've loved the prototype model.

To help get you in the air the models are for sale at £475 shipped in the UK.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

comparing the new wing with the old

  A fine evening and a few minutes has given me the time to snap the new SOR wing wing next to the Willow 2.

  It's always hard to do these shots justice but you can see the tapering of the new wing and the straight line of the hinging on the wing.

  It's when you get into the aileron compartment that the thinner wing tips become more obvious, with less room towards the back of the bay due.

  With the Willow 2 such a good flying and performing model I'm getting organised to get the SOR flying as soon as I can.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

A new arrival to get me out

  It certainly seems like spring has been taking it's time to give me chances to fly that do not clash with family commitments!  Lack of flying doesn't mean that I've not been busy and this week the first fruits of arrived in the usual over sized box.

  The New SOR wing has arrived along with the fuselages and tail to match and the extended wing joiner to link it all together.

Wing ballast tubes will see the model's ballast capacity to towards the 2Kg mark and more than compensate for the weight saved by getting the wing weight down to 682g on these 2 panels.  A strange combination of more ballast and less dry weight of the model but you have to love the challenge!


  Some more subtle changes to the planform have the hinge line running straight and the TE curving forwards- particularly towards the slimmed down tips.  Even subtle changes like these have needed a whole new set of molds to be made and that's not an investment to be made lightly.  The series of changes all add up to a further performance step on the already competitive performance of our other models.

  My motivation to get in the workshop again and get the SOR flying is right back!