Monday, 29 April 2013

Nothing to do but fly

  Sunday morning and I had a half day pass and a yearning for some variable air to test fly the new Willow- sounds mad I know.  It was time to get away and enjoy the Whitesheet SW bowl.  When I arrived the cold air was hardly being stirred by the breeze but the Willow was hurled into the sky and held it’s own.

  After the happy band of Whitesheet pilots started to arrive (thats Tony’s happy face) the wind picked up steadily and the Willow quickly settled into their groove as a played with the set up and enjoyed a bit of thermal spotting.

  It was great to have nothing on my mind except flying and tucking those flaps away on landing.  I have to say that seeing Whitesheet filling with pilots and being well used is a good sight to see.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Teaming up with T9

  The new exclusive retailer for the Willow and all model from Willow racing will be T9.  The Willow and Willow Racing have come on a very long way in the last few years.  It’s clear that T9 provide the customer service and professionalism demanded by both customers and suppliers.
  It’s been clear that the current situation was not a good one for a number of reasons- the link with T9 was clearly the best option for the continued success of the models.
  The news lets myself concentrate on developing some other models (such as the 1.5m one) as Willow Racing, but most importantly having fun on the slopes and remembering why we do this.  I’ll continue to ramble about both of these things on the blog.
  Rich has his first batch of Willows, with the latest production developments.
  This does not affect any other retailers of Willows in other countries.

Champion of Champions up-date

Looking at the calendar for a weekend to re-run the Champion of Champions race it doesn't seem too practical.  Therefore those who attended the race in March will be eligible to compete for the trophy at the Nationals weekend in June.

  The payments at the race weekend were used in full for both the South Wales club and the trophy so only those who attended and paid will eligible to race for the trophy.  This will not affect any payment for the nationals.

Welsh Open entries

I'll be helping oout by taking the welsh open entries here again this year.  Please use the E mail adress on knewts blog.  Up-dates on the entry list will be posted by Knewt again this year

See you all in September!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Willow stocks

I've just got back from the post office with a great big box of Willows- mostly red and yellow colour schemes.  The quality (especially of the fuselages) just gets better and getter on these models.

The one thing I can't find is SlopeRacer- but the models are here!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Teaming up for Wales time again!

  April 27th looks to be the time for entries to the 2013 Welsh open.  -Now come on with all the records that have beeen tumbling on those hills this year those craggy welsh features have reminded us of their potential again.

  I'll be helping out with pre-entry again this year, for more details check out knewt's blog:

It may be snowy out side but.....

Common sence and the risk of frost bite may well be keeping me from throwing my willows around the cliffs of devon but here's some long awaited progress on my other little project

The wing molds for the 60" 2 piece wing sports model are ready to go into action ASAP!

I'm sure it has to be in the eye of the beholder but it's an exciting time when you see a model progressing!

There will certainly be more ramblings about this later