Wednesday, 1 April 2015

2015 champion of Chhampions

The Champion of Champions race was conceived as a top class race with the UK’s top pilots being pushed hard to see who was the best.  This year has to go down as the most intense races I have attended.  My lack of flying this year was a guarantee that I wouldn’t me making the top 10 but that didn’t detract from the experience .   The difference between sport flying on my local slopes and racing is very very obvious.

  The storm which past through over the weekend of the race meant that the traditional Blwch location would not have worked but thanks to some great planning by Martin, the cliff slopes at the Gower were available to us.    Day 1 had a few pilots swallowing hard before launching, as the wind varied from 44.5degrees off to 90 but we raced and got 5 good rounds in.

  Conditions were tough but it was good to see Scott Ravenscroft with 2 thumbs again after the Welsh open- and he needed them as he had me buzzing just to make him go back to the front of the slope!

  Saturday was a long day and the trio to the car park at the too poof the slope left everyone needing a shower before the evening curry- most pilots made the right choice.

  Day 2 and the wind was more square on as the night’s storm worked through we were racing by 11:00.  It was clear that some pilots were simply flying in different air to the rest of us.  Quite what magic they did as they were launched I don’t know.  Whilst many of us spent most of the 30 seconds to generate some energy Simon Thornton in particular seemed to use a Celtic incantation and Joel managed to shoot him off immediately into some huge pumping action.  Simply flying in different air to take first place.
  Special mention has to go too Daniel, it’s only 18 months since a timid young German slipped out of John Philip's car.  Now he’s taking 4th place with his radical jazz and flying superbly- I’m sure Martin will have beaten it out of him on the way home.
  As a CD and organiser he did a faultless job all weekend- well done Martin
I’m off to practice and do the Willow some justice.