Monday, 23 May 2022

New Molds after a day in the sun

     This weekend provided a great chance for some light wind sloping and thermalling at the Whitesheet club day.  The day reminded me of just how varied a sport we enjoy.  I didn't get any worthwhile pictures of the array of models on the slope but don't some pilots have a lot of toys!

  I had to force myself to swap between my newly maidened Falcon and my Harrier- 2 models for me in 1 day is about as varied as it gets.  With models like these you do have to be aware of the amount of sky you cover when compared to a R/E thermal ship or middle phase.  I did limit and change my flying away from the edge- but that's not a bad thing.

  I came home to a couple of pictures of the new molds for the 3m 'Saker' model we have been working on.  Its good to start to see a 3d version of the new design and see how some of the design innovations look in the flesh.  Having the fuselage molds made as positives really helps with this.  It's not the reason we do it this way for the fuselage.  For complex shapes like fuselages I like to have a softer positive that the production negative molds can be pulled before being tucked away for safe keeping.

  The Tail molds follow my preference for a negative being made from aluminium.   Choices like this do seem quite small but they are very hard to change once the CAD files are made.

Wednesday, 4 May 2022

A year on- going strong


    The chance for a full day's flying, whatever the slope, should always be grabbed.  The chance of a sunny day on Mickies- with the expected thermals was too good to miss.  2 falcon's fitted very nicely in my little car- I think I'd have taken the 2 whatever the car.  A year since that first flight on a ballistic Crest the Falcon has been more fun too fly that just about any other model I have owned. 

  Until the breeze filled in the conditions were very thermic and once or twice I was looking to check the bail out options but every time a thermal was found in time and height could be exchanged for speed.  This is where the Falcon really excels, it accelerates so quickly.

  I have found that the falcon feels happier with 300g of ballast as a start point even in the lightest of conditions.  Thermal performance is not affected with the weight.  A couple of red Kites came too join in the fun.
 As the breeze filled in I was flying with 600g of ballast and a huge smile.  Turn styles are always an interesting choice in thermal conditions, I don't think there is any great advantage f 1 over the other as the air is not really being shaped by the hill's edge in the same way as true slope soaring.  Do the one you like well and that will be just fine!
  In the last year I've flown the same model's in just about every condition that I'd want to be out in.  These pre production  model's have never put a foot wrong- although I may have.