Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Southern Winter league round 1

Entry is now open for the southern winter league round 1 at whitesheet on the 11th.  Nows your chance to get a day's flying  and racing in a friendly atmosphere.  This year's Southern league will be putting it's top pilots to the champion of champions.

Entry will be £5 on the day but please can you send your entry to willowf3f@yahoo.co.uk with name, model and 2 frequencies (unless you're on 2.4 gigs)

I'll post the entry list as we go on the winter league page here.

see you all there


Friday, 19 October 2012

just had to put this video up

Thanks to bobbyr and the slopejunkie boys

looks like a great day days flying!

The strongest Glider just got stronger!

I've just opened the new box of willows- and these are the best yet.  yes the finish is better, yes the colours are excellent- including the new yellow scheme but the f3f lay up of these models makes them even stronger.  We've extended the carbon across the top of the wing from the D box.  Stiffer and stronger thann the already excellent D box version.

  The joiners that have just arrived are also solid carbon.  These models are ready for the winter leagues and the fastest air you can find!

  Even better- the new lay up is the same price as the D box lay up! 

  I'll get the pictures posted when I'm back from a break with the family.


Monday, 15 October 2012

A little teaser

I couldn't help help myself...

I'm working on getting a smaller sports model built, in europe this time.
- as always it's slow old process but here's the evidence of some progress!  When more happens I'm sure to let you know.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Not quite Rugen

  Well you can’t help but be inspired by the live (yep LIVE) TV coverage of the F3F world championships in Rugen.  My own tabulator (or Wiz cliff) may be about 15 meters high but it’s also only 15 minutes from home.  I love the focused lift band and it does give me chance to try those turns.

  It has to be a Willow for me of course but with the carving style of the Willow even I can get it moving on the slope and hit enough turn properly to build the speed up.  I’ve only had an hour’s flying since the welsh open but with a hill like this and a belly full of lead it certainly focuses the mind!
  Now not coming last in the winter leagues