Tuesday, 22 July 2014

New toys nearly here!

  After battering my Willow 2 prototype at the nationals a few weeks ago my new wings and tail should be here before Slopeglide.  I think the new flush horns in the wing and improvements to the tails look stunning but I’ve not been able to keep one of the models for myself.  It has to be a good excuse that I shouldn't be flying an old version of the Willow 2?
  The sun’s shining down at the sea side so I’ve had the chance for some cliff soaring in the summer breezes and slermaling at Whitesheet, I’ll download the pictures when I get the chance but Willow 2 has really performed well and much better than I expected with such a thin section.
  I still have a real soft spot for my Merlin, for throwing around fun it reminds me of my Wizard compact and that has to be a good thing!