Monday, 26 September 2011

Full colours at Sloperacer

Here's the colours that Tony at Sloperacer now has the Willows in- After un-packing them it's clear that they're getting better and better- but also brighter and brighter.

  We've still not had a bad report on how they fly.  We think that with the right servo combination you can be racing a 2.75m full house moldie for less than the price of just about any other model in it's class.  I couldn't resist so I'm making up my new wiring loom tonight for my new toy!- go on guess which one:-)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 3 and Welsh open Reflections

   Sitting in my car for the whole of Sunday morning I must admit I was torn between wanting the rain to clear, so we could get on with more racing and really wanting to have round 5 cancelled- the hill and wind simply stopped co-operating for a number of pilots on Saturday and I knew my score would take a bashing.
  But as soon as the rain did ease off I was second up the hill to thrash the Willow about before we managed to get round 5 and 6 in.  The ice-cream slope is one of the more variable ones but this gave different pilots the opportunity to use different styles of flying to get the most out of it.
  Sunday really did emphasise just how much the standard of flying has improved and developed in the last few years (perhaps I missed it before), gone have the days where UK pilots would launch, float around for 25 seconds and then attempt 9 reversals- pretty well regardless of the conditions.  Full or Partial reversals, energy management, Nordic or good old bank and yank turns were all employed by just about all the top pilots at different times and to a very high level.
  43’s were transformed into 39’s and 39’s into 35 second runs by a succession of pilots.  Those fresh faced Norwegians have certainly been practising and as always it was great to see so many of them, as with the Spanish.  The Worlds next year will certainly be a top class affair and With Joel West’s stunning win it gives us Brits some hope.
  2 models that were new to UK racing may well demonstrate the importance of thumbs, Kevin and the Pike perfect looks- Like Kevin flying most of his models, fast, accurate and hard turning.  Only he can tell you how easy it is to get that performance from it and how to release the water that gathers inside the fuselage.  The Artist 3, had the handicap of my thumbs all weekend but for me it was one of the most impressive models at the weekend, it’s pace and handling even made me look competentJ
  I’ll put some pictures up when my camera drys but, thanks to Kevin, Martin and AJ- What a weekend!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

day 2

Just back from a long day flying the bomb hole westerly slope.  Excellent winds for most of the day.  It did swing from square on to 20 degrees either side.  After finishing off round 2 from yesterday- i think frank won the second group with a 37.XX.

  Between rain, sleet, hail and gales we finally gave up on round 5 with 10 pilots to go.  Its clear that steady 41/42 times just won't cut it.  Regular sub 40s are needed to top 10 and those cunning Nordic flyers have been practising.  Stefaan B. finally broke his 40 second duck and now just won't go over 40 seconds.

  I've been ripping it up with the artist, (as I've sold the willow with a 'in one piece' promise)  she's perfomed extremely well all race.

can't wait for the scores and a pint


Friday, 16 September 2011

welsh open day 1

just time for as quick report.  After a morning of clag on the back of tyhe wrecker the proactive decission to move to Mickies as made and after a short time we had good winds and the round starting.  a flurry of 40'Swere posted (lets brush over my firsty flight)  Adam richardson's 34 second run with the vampire stands out.

  round 2 and i had the artist 3 settled down to delivver a 41second run- good for my thumbs and the artists natural pace was showing.  after 38 pilots the rain came back and round 2 was declared to be group scored.  Sorry I was sheltering so i don't know where or if my score counts.

  Spare a thought for Scot ravenscroft, with pilots on a waiting list to race here, team barbarian is down to team BAR...... 

more tomorrow

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Servos, spares and don’t forget your toothbrush!

  My annual trip to the Welsh Open is nearly here.  A chance for curry and to catch up with old friends should never be turned down.   I’ll be putting a few spare Airtronics servos in the car but if anyone would like me to bring you some carbon sock, a few control snakes or stainless steel inners to help you patch up your winter project just let me know.
  The Artist 3 and Willow will be vying for space on the flight line. 

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Artist vs Willow

A week from my 3 day pass to the Welsh Open and I've finished my Willow.  I can't think of any other model that I would even considder racing in a Eurotour event 5 days from completion but the Willow gives me that option.

  With a good 30mph+ on Wiz Cliff it was time to play with the Artist and Willow in similar and fun air!  Do you ever just pause and think how lucky we are? Carrying the Willow and Artist to the edge I certainly did!

  With 800g of lead and land outs just not an option the Willow was away and, it was just stunning.  Energy retention, handling and speed- yes that's the one!  But lets fly the Artist anyway....

  Crisp, smooth fast and so much fun the Artist was cutting through the air- that has to be thr one right?

  After an evening of swapping between the 2 I just can't separate them.  (in carry-on style) it's like trying to decide between your wife and Girlfriend.

  They'll both be coming to Wales with me!