Monday, 13 June 2016

Sunshine and why SOR?

  This weekend’s sunshine gave me a chance to take out Merlin and Willow SOR out and more fun as my lad decided to come out in the sunshine.  The day didn’t’ have the biggest winds or strongest lift in the world but with the sun on our backs it was fun.

  Although different both models had the characteristics that I love in models, excellent performance but very easy to fly.  I knew there would be enough energy to convert to fun and the models would be agile enough to deliver without me worrying about flicking, unexpected stalling or other ways that models can bite you.
  Although my racing is very very limited these days and my turn style and approach probably costs me several places the Willow’s design makes it so easy to turn up and race and have fun.  The SOR was light heartedly named SOR as it makes flying so easy ‘You could hit that shot with a Stick Of Rhubarb”.

  Willows were developed to be fun and bring the cost of F3F style models down, as long as I think that we’re doing this they’re making my happy.