Thursday, 17 April 2014

Broken a tail? cracked a fuselage?

  I nearly forgot to post some pictures of the spare tails and fuselages that I have been sent in my last goodie box.

  I can offer the fuselage booms and nose separately

and the tails either sepatately from £50 or with a fuselage.

Drop me a line for the price on your combination.

just 1 willow bargin left

  I'm going to be boxing up a few Willows over easter!

The only one left is the white/blue willow 1 model.  The paint marks are so light on this model- I think we're getting fussy:-)  £350 and it's yours.

The E Merlin is also waiting for a suitable set pilot!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Willow 2 pictures

As I promissed here's  a few more pictures of the complete Willow 2 model again.  I'm plannning to get it built ready to fly ovver easter.  The look of tthe nnew fuselage annd tail makes a huge diffeerence to the look oof the model- I know that the wing is fast!

The wing came from these amaizing cnc cut molds- no wonder it works!

Put together the completed model it looking good

  I'm goinng to offer the first batc of thhese models at £500 each as a special offer.  Get in touch!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A box of real goodies!

I'll post some more pictures and text later but 2 really cool new models landed this week.

The first is the e merlin. A complete new fuselage molding. Crisp, clean and very very stiff. Unidirectional carbon from leading edge to tail. The fuselage is made for 38mm motors

If you're a budding f3a pilot we want a test pilot for this one!

Biggest news of all- the willow 2 fuselage and tail have arrived. Stunning molding again. Ive been testing the new wing for a good while now so i'll post about the models history with lots of pictures later. I cant say how excited i am about this model.