Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cold but fast winds!

  I’ll be pulling the winter league scores together here again this year and showing those people in line for the champion of champions race.  It’ll be a willowing winter again for me! 
These are the dates that I have.  I'll put them on their own page through the winter.  It will be good to see see everyone and get some good flying.

Sat 17th Nov
Sat 15th Dec
Sat 19th Jan
Sat 16th Feb
Sat 16th Mar
10 November
8 December
12 January (clash with HOH)
9 February
9 March
South of England
11 November- Whitesheet
9th December- Eastbourne
January 13thFebruary 10th
3th Nov 2012
1st Dec 2012
5th Jan 2013
2nd Feb 2013
2nd Mar 2013
Reserve Dates
16th Feb 2013
16th Mar 2013

18th November 2012
16th December 2012
20th January 2013
17th February 2013
17th March 2013
Don't forget!

Monday, 17 September 2012

day 3- The End!

  A wet and claggy time on Mickies only allowed us to get 1 more round in one day 3 and so didn't give me thhe 17 rounds I think I needed to make up the ground on the winners.

  My 1 flight showed me just how fast the willow can go- after 5 legs of struggling the lift came though and in the space of 25yards she took off and my speed doubled!  Hold it together and finish the round fast.

  Huge credit has to go to Jack cubbit, who showed his willow'who was boss' the whipped it arounnd the course in 42 seconds and cement his top 20 place as well as close in on John Philips.

  Some more getting wet was followed by Dave Wright of T9 winning the Willow (I know) and an early finish after Martin Newman was declared the winner and Adam Richardson the best team willow pilot in 9th.

  Pictures when I down load them.  But after speaking with AJ over the weekend the Winter leaguer Champion of Champions race will be in Wales March 30/31st.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

day 2

Another quick up-date after yesterday's 3 60 second times had me down in 39th the wind being back on ickies westerly hill but the wind more square to the hill at lest gave me the chance to redeme myself.  I think i did and scraped up a few places.

  The willows have carved up the air superbly well for all the pilots using them- I think 7 pilots ot of 42 are willowing.  Jack cubbit is getting bored of 43 second times and john philips has performed his usual agressive style with the Willow.

15-20 mph of cold wind today has made 6 rounds a long old day.  There have been a good sprinkling of sub 40's but these have been spread around the 'usual suspects' so its hard to say who is up there- I think knewt is delivering ther goods.

  what as day!

Friday, 14 September 2012

welsh open day 1

Just about to hit the pub after a long old day on Mckies west slope but a few words.  A dry day that saw 5 rounds completed in very variable conditions.  The wind was off to the north most of the day and as it swung about the air changed from 36 second air to Steffan to 69 second trying to keep up air.  You have to love Uk f3f don't you!

  on my willow's first good day out it just never let me down and in the hhands of ohn philips 'd say it's in the top 10 at the end of the day.  Ballast carrying capacity and ability was a key side to the successful models.

  I think Martin is in the lead but lets see what comes out later this evening

Monday, 10 September 2012

Carbon spares

A very quick plug that I've got

2mm carbon push rods
carbon sock/tow

Spare.  if anyone would like me to bring some to the Welsh Open (or any race i'll be at in the winter) just ddrop me a line.

Maiden with the Co-pilot

  I really have to get myself more proepared for the Welsh open next year.  By sticking with the Willow and keeping the missus happy Sunday morning found me with Emma in the rucksac and Willow under my are heading up to beer head for a test flight.

  With 10mph winds I launched to a response of happy giggle and gurgles (not all from me).  It was very soon that the giggles and smiles were mine as I was reminded just how much fun Willows are to fly.  I know I should have the hang of the set up and flying these models by now but when 1 goes that well you just have to love it.

I think Emma was impressed too:-)

bring on the Welsh Open!


Monday, 3 September 2012

UK F3F team

It looks like the guys who are going to the F3F World championships are training- together!

So if you want to be just like Martin, Simon and Mark (including make up tips)-


just about there!

Not bad, after 4 nights the new Willow is ready to test for the Welsh open- I'm starting to see why I rarely place vaery well at the race but at least I have a Willow replacing a Willow!

Now to get a pass and goo wind to test fly