Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Storms blowing the cobwebs away

 With the weather conspiring against the wolliebacks this year it was just my best mate and me on the slopes today.  The storm blowing through the UK had the wind over 50mph and was a great excuse to get the Harrier over 4kg. 

  With the conditions turbulent and often far more blow than go there's a lot of inertia to handle. It wasn't until the 3rd dog walker had passed me and told me they thought it was too windy for flying that I realised just how much I trust the Harrier. 

  When the air did come good- she was away and screaming. 

  After a couple of hours slopedog was starting to look less than happy and so it was time to head back- very happy!

Monday, 6 December 2021

A genuine first for me

   Another trip up to Lilleshall this week end gave me the chance to pop across to the Mynd for a fly.  Last time was a warm sun kissed day and light winds- this time saw my car warning me of possible ice as I passed walkers out trying to convince themselves that the gale was good for them.

  Pole Cott has always provided my with smooth lift and as I passed the pond towards the hill the wind became less turbulent- a more settled gale.  Car packing space had the Falcon as my only toy.  What was a first was that it was a genuinely big lift day!  Keep that speed up and the limiting factor seemed to be the cold on my thumbs!

  Launching in these conditions is never easy, its at times like these mat my resistance to pencil thin fuselages really helps and she launched each time without incident.  With more than enough air I had a good time playing with different turns and elevator application.  

  The Falcon seems to like more of a vertical component in the turns than I have been used to  with the Harrier.  This encouraged me to use a lot of the sky and move away from the reversals it's so easy to fall into.  In recent weeks I've been firming up the elevator response, with relaxed non competition thumbs it's great to be able to feed more elevator in during an 'up turn'.  The Falcon just loved these turns- the pace felt much higher.  It was a shame the locals were scared off by the cold😀

  A cold but happy day!