Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A dash to the welsh open

After my radio horrors at SlopeGlide a few weeks ago the call went to my friend and manufacturing partner to put an extra model in the latest shipment for me- it's just arrived.

As it's pooring with rain I've not been able to have too much of a fondle in my works car park but the quality has stepped up that bit again- stiffer, lighter smoother (all withhout any scales but they're feeling great.  I love the 2 piece tail models- It's a very biased view but they have 'the look'.

  I've already got he wiring loom made and inner nose cut so 2 weekends and a few evening's building to go before the race so that team Willow can have some more Willows- some year I'll be ready for the race with an old model!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

slightly off the subject

You know sometimes something comes along quite unepectedly?

Well, thanks to knowing Milan the Extreme's manufacturer and his late father I've ended up with a Yellow and blue Extreme.  I've decided to sell the model for £745

I have to emphasise that this is not going to be come a distributor web site but just some times these things fall in to your lap.

drop me a line

Monday, 6 August 2012

So what have we learnt at the weekend?

  After coming home with a slightly soggy smile across my face I remembered how much I love 2 day races and full weekends on a slope (ahh do you remember the days of 60inch on the Saturday and F3F on the Sunday).  Huge thanks to Martin and AJ for getting the comp going and keeping us all under some control.
  SlopeGlide really showed me that you have to practise and fly new ways to keep up with those big boys but the variability of the back of the Wrecker means that you’re always in with a chance of a good time or a land out.  With 5 pilots bringing Willows to the comp I was really pleased to see them go and felt much happier when one of those lads got a good time rather than me.
Mike Evans did promise me if I wore gloves then launching his Alliaj wouldn't leave a rash

  Class will out and after 2 more rounds on Sunday and Joel West took the competition- congratulations!  But it’s the joy of British F3F that you always feel in with a shout of winning a round.
  The 2 biggest things I learnt this weekend is that being outside in a torrential thunder and lightening storm is very scary- Especially being sat under an umbrella (Lightening conductor) trying to work out if you can use Mike Shelim as an insulator around the umbrella’s metal pole.
  Most importantly is that the aerial of a multiplex evo pro transmitter can become unscrewed inside the case and cost you 2 models before you realise this.  Go and check yours- Now!  But you should have a Wizard compact in the car for such traumas, as there’s no other model that can bring a smile to your face quite like a Compact.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

slopeglide's gone wrong

A full day on the slope, I'm justy off the pub for a drink after an eventful day.  I have to admit that the only time that I got good aor was round 12 and the 4 months since my lasty race showed- even with a 150m course the Willow was fast enough to compensate for me.

  Jack cubbit has moved in land and Frank has had some un with his willow. 

Poor air was put into place as my last flight in round 5 proved to be the last flight of my willow.  After the aero comp slipped away as the wind eased away I drove to Mickies for a con fidence boosting flight with the spare.  And within 30 seconds my radio problem was revieled as the transmitter- No more willows- but thanks to dave wright for scrambling down for it.

3 range tested and a 2.4module taken out, cleaned and put back in my radio has me looking at my beloved Compact thinking- should I?

Well it's on charge so lets see how I feel in the morning.