Monday, 26 January 2015

A winters day out

  After numerous missed chances I have finally managed to get out and headed off to Whitesheet’s famous NW slope for a winters day’s soaring.  Between the club AGM and the F3F race on Sunday, Saturday was a busy hill and a fantastic chance to do some catching up.
  I was flying the new bullet proof Merlin, a half yard long joiner and fantastic surface finish, she really does feel like a solid and purposeful  beast.  The Merlin flew so well I forgot the get the Willow 2 out of the car for some race practise- I was enjoying myself too much.
  The slope had some interesting models, of course a Willow 1 but on the bigger end, Andy B brought along his 4m DG scalie.  I loved the way it seemed to take off by itself as I gave it a running launch and then to see the big old loops, fast passes and some fun flying, she looked a lovely bit of kit.
  At the opposite end of the size spectrum (not often said) was Bear and hit 2.2m Drops.  It’s the nicest bit of mouldied kit I’ve seen for a while and looked good fun to fly.  Balanced in the air but it’s has to be tempting to just hang it up on the mantelpiece.
  A good day’s flying in some great company!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Willow 2's hit T9

I am still here, quietely getting on with things and a little frustrated with my lack of flying, but the great nes is that willow 2s are at T9.

so for the Uk there is simply no better F3F model for the price!