Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Willows are child's play

An afternoon of thermalling in Devon withh the Co-pilot and after watching his dad playing with a Willow it was time to let Ben have a go.

Not quite launching yet but told you these models are easy to fly

Monday, 23 July 2012

smoking can be good for you

I'm not sure if this shot reminds me of the opening to Lift ticket, is a good way of checking the flow of air over a Willow or is just plain fun but I'm going to Lundy next year!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Some very variable air

  Sometimes a flying session really reminds you of why we do this sport.  Sunshine and moderate winds (combined with the missus being away) had me leaving work early with my Willows in the car. Both my Willows are 2 piece tail versions now, and I've had a great time recently flying them on the cliffs but today was my first chance to fly on an inland slope and pick up some thermals.

  I remember getting my first moldie and discovering it's versatility- it's a light day so I'll fly it, it's a big day so I'll fly it.  Today I the air was very very variable and I found my Willows flying in booming air one minute  (where I had speed flap settings and was still going up) and then the lift would 'stop'.  When the lift did turn off I know you have to go looking for lift and the Willow really did this well.

 The Willow's efficient wing meant I was happy I could get to the next patch of lift and sure enough a wing would lift to show I'd brushed against a thermal.  The fact that I'm confident the Willow doesn't bite back meant I could focus on centering on the lift and getting away.

  The Willow's efficiency and forgiving handling really reminded me of those first moldie flights.  As well as making sure the Willows are ready for Slopeglide in a couple of weeks- yep I still love flying this model.