Friday, 4 February 2022

Golden maiden

  Test flights are always nervy, I had the new model out today in some cold blustery conditions. With the calculated CG always pencilled in rather than set in stone I haven't fitted the ballast tube yet. 

  Although I told myself that this would mean that any less than perfect landings would be easier I know that normally I would have used 500-800g in the conditions. 

  The launch was verging on dull, she sailed away with barely a click of trim. I used the set up from my harrier models as a start point, there's lots of fine tuning to do but I never felt like being bitten. 

3m f3f style models are just easy and joyous to fly. Feedback on conditions was obvious and as the air squared up I was able to carve some EM turns as well as the usual suspects. And yes, the speed carries very nicely. 

  Home to warm up and fit a ballast tube!