Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A choice of joiners

The Willow now has a choice of joiners- the original 6degree dihedral or the new 3 degrees.

Both remain the substantial lumps of carbon they've always been.

  Which is better?- like most things it's a personal taiste thing but I like the way the new one looks in the Willow I'm building (yep not in time for the first southern league race).

The new joiners are just  £22.50 if you'd like to try one in your Willow.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Further developements

  I’ve been impressed with how the Willows fly from the first model.  The Beta model developement has allowed us to make some really big improvements to make today’s models..  We are using more and more CnC parts- including the new wing joiner mold and there is no chance of cutting any corners on materials.

  After having my last Willow prized from me on the slope I’m building another Willow.  You’re expecting me to say this but in addition to the construction quality and strength, the Willow is now a doddle to put together-even for someone with my lack of workshop heating.
  The parts now slip together with a positive feeling click, I really love the way the servo tray slots in place once you’ve cut it to fit your radio gear.  Fitting the switch before you glue the tray in makes it the easiest switch I have fitted in a long time, even with the longer ballast tube there’s plenty of room for all the radio gear! I opted for the 5065s to drive the V tail but there’s room for bigger servos.  
  I’m fitting this one with standard Hi-tec gear again.  The 12mm 5085 servos fit in both the flaps and ailerons really easily.  As we’ve got the horns fitted and hole for the wiring looms built in now there’s not much more than fitting the servos and making the push rods to do.
  With luck this Willow will be ready for the Sunday’s Race.