Monday, 12 May 2014

Storm flying

  Sorry, no pictures from the weekend but after flying the my new Willow 2 in such light conditions last week, the chance of flying in the big winds we had this weekend couldn't be missed.

  Not properly set up and using about 800grams of ballast in winngs blowing from 25-45mph probably wasn't the cleverest thing I've ever donw but wow was it worth it.  The Willow 2 was away straight and then I couldn't believe the progress I was making around the sky.  The turns are getting better with each tweak but in a straight line- that even i can't mess up, she accelorates and shifts like nothing else!

  I am very biased but I didn't half have a smile of my face coming home from the hill!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Willow 2 Maidened

  I’ve been pacing up and down getting ready to maiden the Willow for a while now and Sunday gave me the chance.  A busy Whitesheet in the sunshine but very light air was my chance to maiden the Willow 2.  Once the model had been inspected and approved by just about everyone there she was quickly into the air.

  Even with the lack of set up it she shifts!  As I improved the set up through the morning the Willow 2 just got better and better- co-pilot wanting his lunch brought a halt to things but its clear that as well as being built to an excellent atandard the Willow 2 can accelerate better than any model I’ve flown, give her a sniff of lift and that tail coes up..  Definitely more set up to go before the nationals in June but I can’t wait.

  It was great to see Whitesheet so busy, it’s not so long ago that Whitesheet seemed to have a real lack of flyers.  I don’t think that there’s a better place on the main land to enjoy a day’s flying in sunny light conditions.