Thursday, 17 November 2016

Winter model direct orders being taken

The exchange rate changes haven’t helped us over the last few months!
I love flying my Merlins as my fun sports model.  Thank too keeping everything as close as possible we’ve kept the F3F model price at £500.  I’m confident that there’s no other model out there in it’s class at this price.
Please contact me for details of the models and build service.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get away with the new slope puppy to some races this winter to race the Merlin and the main racer Willow SOR!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Back in the air!

  It’s been a long old time since I’ve updated here, mainly because it’s been a long time since there’s been any flying to talk about.

  After a mad old summer the new slope dog and I have been out for some relaxing flying.  After an eternity of not flying the timeless Compact seemed to most obvious model to take.  It’s not until you don’t get to do something that you appreciate it.
  At home the new SOR build has had a real boost.  The SOR is going together smoothly and quickly, the wings and tail have slotted onto the fuselage without any fuss.

  I can’t wait to get some more air time with the SOR as the weather turns colder.  

Monday, 13 June 2016

Sunshine and why SOR?

  This weekend’s sunshine gave me a chance to take out Merlin and Willow SOR out and more fun as my lad decided to come out in the sunshine.  The day didn’t’ have the biggest winds or strongest lift in the world but with the sun on our backs it was fun.

  Although different both models had the characteristics that I love in models, excellent performance but very easy to fly.  I knew there would be enough energy to convert to fun and the models would be agile enough to deliver without me worrying about flicking, unexpected stalling or other ways that models can bite you.
  Although my racing is very very limited these days and my turn style and approach probably costs me several places the Willow’s design makes it so easy to turn up and race and have fun.  The SOR was light heartedly named SOR as it makes flying so easy ‘You could hit that shot with a Stick Of Rhubarb”.

  Willows were developed to be fun and bring the cost of F3F style models down, as long as I think that we’re doing this they’re making my happy.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Free Model if you tell me what SOR means

After maidening the SOR yesterday I can't describe bow pleased I am with the model.  A fantastic step up in performance and 'slipperyness' from just about anything I've flown- never mind the Willows.

  As I keep getting asked what SOR stands for I've decided to offer a model for free to anyone who orders a willow/merlin and tells me what SOR means!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

just waiting for the weather

Nose balance fitted just the controls to programme tonight and wait for the good weather!

 Set up an build was just as easy as the other willows so ready to go!

Friday, 20 May 2016

Willow SOR under test

Never mind my delays and lack of flying time mark Treble has finished his Willow SOR already and he's flown it.

here's the video
videos here

  Initial impressions from Mark are very positive!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

NEW Merlin Prices

With a new batch of Merlins heading this way I have managed to reduce the price of my favorite sports/race model.

A glass lay up is now £375 and the F3F lay up £415.

I really do not know of any other model out there which flys half as well or is built as well for that money!


Friday, 29 April 2016

Willow SOR -be the First!

I have 2 spare Willow SOR models in my first batch of models.  I'd like to hear from other pilots about the model as well as my own thoughts- I've loved the prototype model.

To help get you in the air the models are for sale at £475 shipped in the UK.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

comparing the new wing with the old

  A fine evening and a few minutes has given me the time to snap the new SOR wing wing next to the Willow 2.

  It's always hard to do these shots justice but you can see the tapering of the new wing and the straight line of the hinging on the wing.

  It's when you get into the aileron compartment that the thinner wing tips become more obvious, with less room towards the back of the bay due.

  With the Willow 2 such a good flying and performing model I'm getting organised to get the SOR flying as soon as I can.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

A new arrival to get me out

  It certainly seems like spring has been taking it's time to give me chances to fly that do not clash with family commitments!  Lack of flying doesn't mean that I've not been busy and this week the first fruits of arrived in the usual over sized box.

  The New SOR wing has arrived along with the fuselages and tail to match and the extended wing joiner to link it all together.

Wing ballast tubes will see the model's ballast capacity to towards the 2Kg mark and more than compensate for the weight saved by getting the wing weight down to 682g on these 2 panels.  A strange combination of more ballast and less dry weight of the model but you have to love the challenge!


  Some more subtle changes to the planform have the hinge line running straight and the TE curving forwards- particularly towards the slimmed down tips.  Even subtle changes like these have needed a whole new set of molds to be made and that's not an investment to be made lightly.  The series of changes all add up to a further performance step on the already competitive performance of our other models.

  My motivation to get in the workshop again and get the SOR flying is right back!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Back to Racing

  It’s been a long while since I had a full day pass which was on the same day as a race.  Long enough to forget how cold Northerly winds can be in the Welsh Winter!

 The wind was only a breeze but on the icecream Slope this can be a good thing.  With the fun I’d been having with the Merlin lately I was tempted to race it but the Willow 2 has been such a performer I had to try it first.

  I was in some good company flying some very expensive models but all day the Willow 2 was ‘up there’.  A couple of mistakes on the downwind base were the only real sign of my lack of racing and the Willow 2 showed how much it likes to be brought around the turns with the snap flap working.

  It was strange to see Simon get such bad air that he was brought back to the status of Human (I am sure that sacrifices will be offered to the lift gods before the next race).  Weather it was PitBull, Fosa Willow or Freestyler, when the lift came on you went fast and if it wasn’t you didn’t.

  A good days racing! Pictures when I get a chance and more racing to come this year.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Spring time models

Thanks to everyone who contacted me.  The models are sold.  I am planning to bring some more of these models in soon.

I'll keep you up to date and any other news

Now I might even be able to get out racing at the weekend!

Friday, 19 February 2016

2 spring time models for sale

I'm clearing out the garage for spring time and I have 2 models to clear out.  Both are brand new un built and in the red/white/blue colour scheme.

They're priced at £350 each.

a Merlin f3f

and a

Merlow  Merlin fuselage and tail fitted with a willow 1 tail.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

a beautiful days flying and learning

It does seem a very long time since I got out flying at all . Even longer since we had such a clear winters day for it. The story o t day was going from one doh and learning To the next but totally loving the day

When your packing the car and you think 'I didn't know I had 2 spare wing joiners' you havent- a when you arrive at th slope this will mean you won't be flying the willow 2.

 Having the merlin to fly and carve around was an absolute bonus. I remember Martin telling me how good and easy it was to EM turn, I think I might actually have managed it. This had me adding far more ballast for the conditions compared to normal.

 Only frozen figures stopped me as old father foam arrived.

So no practise but mark treble is more than carrying the wil flag in the winter leagues. I just get to have fun!

Monday, 4 January 2016

A happy New year

  A happy new year to all flyers!

  New years day had a very short window before the rain was due to return but with 50mph on the edge the temptation to ballast up the Merlin was too much to resist.

  You can't help but have fun in those conditions, Once you get the model in the air!  With the turbulence making ground handling tough I was glad of the Merlin's 'collar' between the LE and the canopy so I have a good area to grip!

  With all that energy the I was simply pointing the Merlin where I wanted and over hearing the passing walkers explain to each other about these 'micro jet engines' it had fitted-  Definitely a good morning