Settings are a very personal thing with gliders but as a start point.
For the Harrier model-

  These are still a work in progress and I will change them as I learn.  These can be cranked up for faster response with no danger in flight.

                Aileron up 20mm down 12mm (at root) Flaps up 4mm down 3mm

                Flaps for breaks, over 45deg down slops her nicely

                Snap flap down 2mm across the wing

                Elevator up/down 6-7mm measured at the root. 25% rudder mix is a help


CG  98-102mm

For the Willow 2 and SOR models my suggested settings are-

CG: 99mm. This is a ballance neutal point, if you are aiming for a more sweeping or EM turn then 96mm is a good place to start. 

Elevator- 5-6mm each way (measured at the root)
                    I do not use a large amont of snap flap for my flying style, no more than 2mm of flap with the ailerons mirroring the movement.

Aileron- Measured at the wing tip, 9mm up andf 5mm down.  I have the flaps mirroring at around 25% of the movement.  I have also started to mix in a little aileron/rudder mix to help keep the nose down.

CROW  Elevator 40% down
             The flaps can me set up to come 90degrees down very easily
              Ailerons 40% up

For the Willow 1 here are my suggested settings.
Cg- 100 to 105mm- Feel free to experiment with this but this is a good starting point.
Elevator-  8mm each way (measured at the root),
                                Snap flap 3-4mm (measured at the flap root and constant along the wing).
Aileron-  12mm up 8mm down (measured at the tip)- I've lately been using 9 up and 6 down for a smoother style.
                                Flap mix 4mm up 3mm down
CROW- Elevator 3mm down,
 Aileron 4mm up (measured at the tip),
Flaps anything 60degrees or more is very effective.
Launch/thermal mode- trailing edge 4-5mm down measured at the root and flat across the wing
Speed mode, 1-1.5mm up measured at the root flat across the wing (you may like to reduce the differential as this point as well

At the recent Champion of Champions race Adam Richardson had me increase the snap flap to over 6mm at the flap.  Worked great in theh turn and delivered 6th place.
If any Willow Pilots would like to send me their settings I’d love to hear from you and get an idea of the range of setting are out there.  The Willow’s characteristics make it great to experiment with different settings.