Monday, 14 December 2020

First production Harrier Arrives

   Piggy backing on an order of my own, I was able to have my first sight of a production Harrier.  Boxed up really nicely and arriving in 9 days after shipping through Fed Ex. 

  At the time of writing,the Fed ex price of a delivery to the UK is around 170USD. 

 The import cost came to just £28 to clear the box.  Bringing the total cost of the model to less than 600gbp to the door. I can't think of better value available. 

  The Harrier was very nicely packaged.- Much neater that my garage at the moment!

  The finish, weight and quality of the model felt excellent.  I was able to drop the model off to a very happy flyer on my next day out to Whitesheet.

  A cold day on the hill but with my own Harrier feeling more and more familiar it was nice to carve it around in different feeling air.  

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