Sunday, 14 November 2021

Just for the fun of flying


  Flying is by no means all about racing.  Saturday was a great day to get out with 2 favourite toys, meet up with some mates ad fly.

  This is something that makes up a huge part of my enjoyment of flying.  The Harrier is like putting on an favourite pair of shoes, just feeling familiar and totally trusted.

  What is possibly becoming my favourite model is the 100 inch Falcon.  With excellent performance she is certainly the quickest and most responsive model I have flown in a long time.  As I enjoyed the week winter thermals I found myself pondering if it would out perform the Wizard compacts I loved for so many years.

  It was great to hear the comments from the other flyers about the models looks (I have to get some better looking tape) and build quality but also it's flying performance.  I was left coming away from the slope with a huge grin on my face- again!

I decided to measure and up-date the falcon settings in the build notes.  The Falcon's lightweight wings mean that they respond well to lower throws on the ailerons.

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