Sunday, 24 April 2022

A change of wing

   Another weekend failing to get out to fly but my new 3m wing has arrived with the modifications for testing.  It's one of the real fun parts of producing models when you have a manufacturer who is as keen to get things right.

  A few pilots have asked me about the wing servos in my Falcons and as the 3m is pretty much the same, I took a quick picture of the aileron servo between wings.  The King Max servos have proved to be bullet proof so far.

  I use the Frames from Flightech as well as the horns in LDS packs.  But I like the Horns that come with the models and good old 2mm Mutliplex clevises.  The arms that come with the LDS packs fit nicely under the wing skins.

  One thing I've been playing with is some epoxy and carbon around the 2mm threaded push rods.  Once adjusted to size I find this gets rid of any flex and slop in the fixings.  The result gives me slop free controls.

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