Sunday, 30 January 2022

It's here!!

 No flying for me this weekend, it's been a good while since I didn't mind that. Those gorgeous 3m wings have arrived, with a Merlin tail and an option of either an sOR or Merlin fuselage as a test bed. 

  The wings have been well fondled before fitting out this weekend. A top finish to a wing that feels light and stiff.  It's only when you get to see new Versions of models you're used to that you see the difference in construction. The fuselage and tail are a great example of this. 

  Build is going along the same lines as many of my other models and the workshop is a mess- so no pictures!

  Along with the test model is a production Falcon model. Just lovely!  I'm sure my enjoyment of this model isn't news and so I wanted to make sure I had a spare- ive not had a model draw me to build and fly it since my compacts and I think I prefer it to the compacts!

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