Friday, 26 March 2021

New Jeti radio to learn

   Setting up a model like the Harrier and getting used to that set up is a very personal thing that takes a good while to get used to, like any new relationship.  With the limited flying over the winter, this process had taken me quite a while.  The Harrier’s characteristics makes it very easy to get to a ‘good’ set up and its tempting to just leave it.  Combined with the variability of inland flying conditions its easy to convince your self that you’ve got the set up all right or completely wrong.

  My lockdown big spend was the Jeti DS 12 radio, after I decided to ditch the old Multiplex Evo pro.  The first impression in the workshop was the increased servo speed and resolution from the new radio but what about in the air.  The Jeti can do more things and has more options to fiddle with.  Time to start trying some options, snap flap on some different curves, some free mix options and turn off the volume.

  It’s my first new radio in quite a while and the different radio made me feel that I was flying a new model again.  I always liked having differential and elevator DR on the dials with my multiplex, this is still available with the Jeti- but after only a couple of flights the thing that I missed more than anything was the dials clicking as you rotate them.  Between this, cold fingers and the different shaped box I soon got confused and turned this option off.

  Adjustments are going to have to happen on the ground for a while!  This has turned out to be quite a good thing, being forced to flying for longer between adjustments has meant that the Harrier has flown in good bad and indifferent conditions between set up changes.

  The thumbs on the controls haven’t changed but it does feel that I have made some noticeable incremental improvements to the set up.  While it’s not surprising that with the Harrier ballasted up to 4kg, when the lift booms she zooms it’s been great fun to fly it using the Jeti as I get more comfortable with my new relationship.

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