Saturday, 3 April 2021

Back to flying and new toys on the way!

 It's just great to be back flying and seeing other guys on the hill.  The spring winds have been cold but it's fantastic that the Harrier has been getting some air time.  Combining the model that I have learnt the characteristics of, with a new Radio that gives me more options is proving good fun to change set up slowly and progressively.

  I've been flying more inland slopes recently with the variability that this brings.  The Harrier has proved that it can carry more ballast than I have got used to in previous years.  Different set ups have aloud me to widen the wind range that each ballast weight will fly fast in.  Driving the Harrier through the turns (really rolling before touching elevator) carries the speed through the turns nicely- I'm enjoying this spring more than I have for a good few years.

  With the Harrier making me so happy it almost feels like I'm being unfaithful that I'm so excited that the new prototype 100 inch model is in the air and coming over for me to put together and thrash.  Pictures will follow! 

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