Sunday, 4 April 2021

It feels like spring is in the air

   2 consecutive days flying does not happen to me very often any more but today it felt like spring had arrived on Whitesheet.  The wind did fill in during the day but remained very variable and intermittent.  If you had the nerve to keep going after scratching around and looking for a land out option, there was usually a thermal coming through for you to wish you had put ballast in.

  Every reason that Whitesheet can infuriate as a race venue made it an excellent day's sports flying.  

  As with just about all conditions I felt most comfortable flying the Harrier and as usual I didn't think to use both models.  Having the courage to launch and a well set up model rewarded the growing group of pilots.  It is nice to fly in such calm conditions to really see the shape of the turns I was pulling and how the energy was carrying through.

  Each person, enjoying the slope in their own way, from foamies (must build my Ahi) to scale models ejecting bits just after launch.  A good humoured day that left just about everyone with a smile and probably a little bit of sun burn.

  Regular up-dates on the Falcon's progress through the UPS international airports were a reminder of the work to be done next week!

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